In The Wind – 13th July 2011

The Continuing Evolution of Jericho Beach

Last Sunday, on the sunnier west side of Jericho Beach, a vision saw the light of day once again, and thousands of Vancouverites poured into the sea to rekindle a tradition that has existed since people first lived here.

MEC Paddlefest 2011, the third incarnation of this annual event held on west Jericho Beach, was the essence of what the people who dreamed up the idea of this unique public park space were dreaming of. Frolicking pods of kayakers, canoeists, outrigger canoeists, voyageur canoeists, surf skiers and stand-up paddlers were an impressive array of marine mammals engaging in play in English Bay from here: sea life, in Vancouver, was definitely thriving.

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Jericho Beach Restoration Update

The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation approved a $1.2 million demolition contract for removal of the former Department of National Defence concrete apron known as the Jericho Wharf (above left). The project is expected to commence in early August and be completed by late September. Demolition will take place from both the water side and the land side. Steps will be taken to minimize disruption to park users and ensure public safety. We’ll likely see some sort of containment boom on the waterside to limit the possibility of boats drifting into the project area.

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