In The Wind – 14th December, 2011

Jericho Beach Restoration Phase 2 Concept

The final proposed design concept for the Jericho Beach Restoration Phase 2 was presented at a public meeting at Aberthau last Wednesday, December 7. Over 60 members of the public, including many members of the JSCA,  attended to ask questions and provide feedback to Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation Planning staff and consultants.
The latest design concept takes into account and respects Jericho’s historic use as Vancouver’s primary marine access park facilitating traffic flow to and from the shore including easy, unobstructed access to the parking lot and the Jericho Sailing Centre, Vancouver’s, non-taxpayer funded, publically accessible, ocean access community centre.

With the continuing growth in popularity of paddlesport recreation in Vancouver, this area will become a favourite destination for many citizens-it will likely be the best paddling beach in Vancouver.  We encourage all users of the Jericho Sailing Centre and other interested paddlers, rowers and SUPers to support it by filling out the Park Board survey at the following link:

Comment submission deadline is December 23rd, 2011.

If the design is received favourably by the public, the newly elected Park Board is likely to approve it in January 2012 with work commencing in the spring. For more complete information on the Jericho Beach Restoration Phase 2 Concept, drift over to:

2012 Jericho Beach Concept

In order for this to become the best paddling beach in Vancouver the Board of Parks and Recreation must officially designate it for such use in a separate process. More on this in future editions of “In the wind”.