Kitsilano Coast Guard Station Closure Update Do You Think Canadian Lives are Worth a Nickel a Head? Come to the Public Rally to Save Kits Coast Guard Station

Within a 30 minute response radius of Vancouver’s Kitsilano Coast Guard Station,
there are more than 20 million human ocean transits annually. Kits Station is centrally located in Canada’s busiest waterway and its crews have been saving lives in peril for 50 years.


If you are a local ocean recreationalist; a fisher; seabus passenger; BC Ferry or Harbour Air passenger; a tourist in our Super Natural marine playground, or one of tens of thousands of commercial marine workers in the Vancouver Harbour area, you should be very concerned that the federal Conservative government is planning to close Canada’s busiest Coast Guard Station to “save” $900,000.


In Federal Fisheries and Oceans Minister Keith Ashfield’s Conservative government world, closing Kitsilano Coast Guard Station is “fiscally responsible”. In our maritime world, less than a nickel a head is a pretty reasonable insurance premium to safeguard against marine disaster in Canada’s busiest ocean area. The Canadian Coast Guard’s own statistics reveal that this is an ill conceived, Ottawa landlubber generated, sinking plan which will ultimately result in loss of lives. The proposed 30 minute delay in response time will predictably erode future Canadian Coast Guard rescue missions into tragic body recovery missions.


This is an emphatic SOS to come to the public rally to save the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station on Saturday, August 25 at 1300H at the Kits CCG Station. They’ve been Saving Our Souls in peril for half a century, it’s time now for us to return the favour.