NEXT 2 Weekends @ Jericho – 2012 UBC REC “Day of the Longboat”

This year’s annual celebration of the paddle at Jericho is almost, slightly, historic. For the first time in more than 70 years, the recently uncovered central portion of Jericho Beach will witness mass numbers of native paddlers from the vantage point of daylight, as the 2012 UBC Rec “Day of the Longboat” ecstatically strokes by, pulling through the water in 10 person Voyageur canoes. Only in Canada, eh?

The removal of the 1.5 acre, former WWII RCAF Jericho Beach Air Station, concrete wharf last year will finally shed the light of day on a reunion of Vancouver’s inter-tidal zone nature and copious quantities of paddling people.

Three thousand years ago the original human inhabitants of the area flexed their paddles and launched their canoes from this pre-Vancouver, pre-Pacific, shoreline. It was a cornerstone of their culture. This weekend 3,500 participants will get their coming of age, one hour ocean indoctrination; as they prepare for the following weekend’s big competition-the millenniums old Vancouver-ish tradition continues.

The Jericho Sailing Centre, Vancouver’s Ocean Community Centre, has hosted the UBC “Day of the Longboat” for the past quarter century and we welcome everyone to come view this spectator friendly, ocean playground, community event on September 29 & 30 (0800-1600H). You will witness an invigoratingly unique, very large, slightly loud, Salish Sea, celebration of the paddle; our soul connection to Vancouver’s most ancient community.