Ski Lifts Close While Ocean Playground Portal Blooms Early at Jericho


Cherry blossoms, unseasonal hay fever and naked North Shore Mountains have distinguished February 2015 in Vancouver from any other in recent memory. The nervous warm spell leading up to, and during, the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics was vaguely similar, but despite the need to truck recycled Zamboni snow from hockey rinks throughout the region to shore up the competition venues at Cypress Mountain, there was still a sunny smiling veil of visible snow on our local peaks. Sucks to be a skier this year, but so far this mildly frigid summer weather in winter has been delightful for paddlers, rowers, windsurfers, dinghy sailors and other hearty cold water souls launching out of the Jericho Sailing Centre.

The winter of 2010 delivered plenty of post-Olympics snow in March and although winter 2015 could also quickly circle back like a seagull gybing on a Pacific gale, the Jericho Sailing Centre is being readied and made ship shape earlier than usual to meet the annual seasonal increase in Vancouver sea mammal user-ship; anticipated sooner rather than later. For this weekend we’ll do something the JSCA hasn’t done in our 41 year history- we’ll turn on the compound water for boat washing stations in February. Due to the large areas of military grade concrete left by the former RCAF Jericho Beach Air Station which made laying pipe at a sufficient depth to avoid freezing impossible, the Jericho Sailing Centre has a summer compound water system which must be shut down and flushed; something we do every November; and re-energized when the threat of prolonged freezing periods has passed; usually late March, early April.

Our Annual Spring Clean-up usually commences later in March but since many of our users are not skiing as they normally are at this time of year we’d like to invite them, and all users, down to Jericho to prep boats for the season; tidy up boat storage spaces and lockers; join in a beach clean-up or volunteer work party. We’ll have a large bin in the compound to facilitate any boatly junk which has accumulated over the past year. The Galley Patio & Grill is open weekends (weather depending) 0900H-Sunset, for your food & beverage pleasure.

For those who do venture out on the water this winter, it is important to recognize that while the air temperatures are significantly warmer than usual, the water temperatures are much the same and hypothermia is still the danger it always is. Be prepared, dress properly and sail safe.

Jericho Sailing Centre Volunteer Workparties Saturdays @ 1100H

Beach Cleanups: February 21 & April 18 @ 1100H