English Bay Spill Update 1300H April 10, 2015

Since the spill was first publicised yesterday morning the JSCA has been monitoring the ocean and shoreline in the vicinity of Jericho and Spanish Bank. Though we can easily see the source ship, approximately 3km north of the Jericho Sailing Centre, ocean currents have thankfully spared us from the same fate as our adjoining waters off Kitsilano & English Bay Beaches. Spill response crews are still working to clean-up the remnants of the spill off of the North Shore toward the Sandy Cove area. We do not expect this spill to affect ocean recreation activities for the users of the Jericho Sailing Centre and will continue to monitor the ocean and shoreline in this area and up Spanish Bank. We ask our users to remain vigilant for signs of the slick while on the water and remind them not to touch this toxic substance. Further to this we recommend you confine your ocean activity to the SW quadrant of the inlet for the next couple of days and stay at least 2 ship lengths away from the Marathassa, 3 km directly north of Jericho.