Jericho Iron Race This Weekend May 23 & 24


Canoes have been launching from this shore now known as Jericho for 3,000 years. 5-22-02The next epic launch of the ages is this weekend for the annual Jericho Iron Race.

Come on down and join the host Jericho Paddling Club, find out how easy it is to get into paddle racing at Jericho and enjoy all the hard paddling racing canoe action.

OC6 races on Saturday, starting with a short course race at 9:30 (approx. 8km), women’s race at 11:00, men’s and mixed about 1:00pm. Race course approx. 15km.

For full details on the event and the Jericho Paddling Club click on:  Hut hut hoe.

Jericho Paddling Club Logo

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