No Tires Permitted at Jericho

Prior to 2009 most ground storage boats at Jericho were stored on old tires and the 06-04-15-02mosquito population exceeded one billion. As West Nile virus began spreading into western Canada the JSCA began a 2 year program to rid the Jericho compound of all tires. At the time we thought there might be as many as 1,000 tires in the compound. By the end of the campaign, in cooperation with the BC Tire Stewardship program over 1,800 tires had been removed from the compound leaving mosquitos with few places to breed here. Lately, we’ve noticed a few tires sneaking into the compound and we ask all members to be aware that they are not permitted here and, when discovered, must be removed at the owner’s expense. There are recycled foam blocks available for storing member boats on. Please enquire at the JSCA office. Thank you for your cooperation.