English Bay Spill vs Kitsilano Coast Guard Station Update

The Canadian Coast Guard’s independant-ish (internal-ish) review of the April 8 & 9 bunker C fuel spill response in English Bay is expected to be made public in late July. Don’t expect much in the way of objectivity as the current CCG Commissioner, when asked about the independence of the former Assistant Commissioner who is leading the review stated “…we’re very comfortable with the advice he’ll give us.” – premonition or pre-determined outcome?

Yesterday the CCG communication centre in Victoria, which picked up the load when the centre in Vancouver was closed this spring, went down for several hours. CCG suggested that mariners in distress in our southern waters would have to rely on the US Coast Guard for assistance. No wonder our american neighbours are also concerned about our Coast Guard’s lack of preparedness in the event of a major marine spill. Canadians are entitled to an actual independent review of Coast Guard operations on our west coast.


This Pollution Response Vessel PRV, (photographed at the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station in 2012) was part of the pollution spill response program at the station which included enough spill boom to surround a large ship and crews trained in spill response.

The Canadian Coast Guard Commissioner has stated that the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station had no pollution response capability and would not have made a difference in the April 5-13-15-#28 & 9 spill in English Bay. Former officers and crew from the station have said that this is false and that this spill could have been contained very quickly had the station remained open.