Backpaddle: 2015 Wavechaser Paddle Series Finale

wavechaser header

A record number of paddlers participated in the 2015 Wavechaser Paddle Series which concluded with a grande Finale last Saturday. Mahalo to all the participants who came out to paddle where the big fish swim over the course of the spring and summer, and congratulations to Lynda Warren and Laci Budjos who won the Women’s and Men’s overall divisions respectively. Many thanks to all of the volunteers who pitched in over the series with special mention to: series organizers Laci Budjos and Tim Gale; Marlene and her awesome BBQ Crew including Jan, Pamela & Granny; Sean Gibson & Richard Spencer for timing & scorekeeping; as well as all of the members of the Jericho Rescue Team who came out for safety support and doubled as photographers. The 2016 Wavechaser Paddle Series will commence in May, schedule announced early in the new year.