Trudeau Takes The Helm Kitsilano Coast Guard Station Re-righted

A member of Vancouver’s media contacted the Jericho Sailing Centre the morning following Justin Trudeau’s sensational sail to victory Monday, to ask us if we thought he would follow through on his campaign promise to reopen the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station.

Justin learned to sail at the Jericho Sailing Centre as a youngster: yes, the Canadian Prime Minister Elect is a certified 5-13-15-#1Vancouver Water Rat*. When he visited the Centre last June he shared fond memories of his grandparents bringing him to Jericho and learning to sail here. He said he fell in love with the marine environment and that he was struck even then by the amount of marine traffic through the Port and how he liked to sail right up to those huge ships at anchor, in his Optimist dinghy. As a Vancouver teacher he continued to sail from Jericho, renting Lasers from our sailing school. He said he had a strong appreciation for the importance of the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station in protecting the millions of people who travel, work and recreate on Vancouver’s ocean as well as protecting our treasured marine environment. He promised me then, face to face, as he promised millions of Canadians, that if his party formed the next government of Canada, reopening the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station would be one of their priorities; I knew then that I liked the cut of his jib.

I do believe that Justin Trudeau will fulfill his priority promise; and the Kits Coast Guard Station will resume operations not long after the dust settles on the changing of the guard at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. I believe his government will be much better stewards of our ocean environment and that going forward the economic prosperity of Port Metro Vancouver will only go hand in hand with evolving environmental protection.

Time will tell if Justin’s sunny ways and maritime background will propel us to his vision of a better Canada that we all can share in the future, but one should always keep in mind, when observing young people communing with nature and recreating out on Vancouver’s ocean playground from the Jericho Sailing Centre: one of them could some day become the Prime Minister of Canada.
*Water Rats Learn to Sail was the name of JSCA contracted school prior to MacSailing coming onboard.