Surprise Math Quiz: Jericho & DSA “Do The Math”

DSA Fleet Racing in a Fresh Breeze (helicopter above)

JSCA sailor and board member, James Kennedy was visiting friends when he took a casual interest in their son’s grade 10 math homework. As James was checking out the textbook, to see if things had changed since he was in grade 10, mastering the abacus, he was surprised to find the following question:

“The Disabled Sailing Association had its first sessions at the Jericho Sailing Centre in Vancouver, BC. At a recent regatta, a television news team tracked two sailboats from a helicopter 800m above the water. The team observed the sailboats on the left and right sides of the helicopter at angles of depression of 58 degrees and 36 degrees, respectively.

a) Which boat is located closer to the helicopter? Explain.
b) Determine the distance between the two boats. Express your answer to the nearest metre.”

Think you know the answer? Get out your abacus and be the first to reply to this newsletter with the correct answer to win a Jericho Sailing Centre Fox 40 safety whistle and lanyard