Sharing Vancouver’s Natural Aquarium with Whales

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Paddlers, windsurfers, dinghy sailors, seals, rowers; all the usual local sea mammals, have had to happily give way over the past week to a pod of humpback whales and their chaperoning fleet of sea lions in the waters of Vancouver. Many people who’ve launched from the Jericho Sailing Centre have returned to shore swapping sea stories of epic whale encounters upon the Salish Sea. Sharing the bay with these magnificent creatures is truly an awe inspiring experience.

A reminder to all Jericho users: you must stay at least 100m away (that’s about half the length of the average ship anchored in English Bay) plenty close enough to feel the connection to your fellow sea mammal. There have also been regular sightings from the Jericho Pier and the Galley Patio & Grill.

For more info. on these and other local sea mammals, the Vancouver Aquarium is an excellent resource; breech over to: wild whales

Thanks to the Jericho Paddling Club