Racers Please Register! Registration Changes

If you are racing in any Jericho series event, please register. When you register your name will show in the race results, and you will be included in the series results. To register online, go to jracing.org and follow the links.

Sailors can register for one event, a date range, or the whole season. If you always sail the same boat, please register for the season. Paddlers have to register separately for each Wavechaser Paddle Series event.

Sailors can register after an event by clicking a “Register” button in the event results, beside their sail number. To edit a registration, use the “Add or remove a competitor” button below the results.

Please try to avoid creating duplicate names when you register. If you enter “Jim Clark” when you meant “Jim Clarke”, this will create a new person in the scoring system. Please check the drop down list of names before you type in a new name. If you are registering someone else, please be sure you have their correct name.

The system will now look for similar sounding names (e.g. Clark and Clarke). If you enter a name that is similar to another name in the system, it will ask you which name you want to use. Please choose the correct name!

Unfortunately, the system won’t catch all similar names, and it definitely won’t know that M Smith, Mick Smith, Mike Smith and Michael Smith are probably all the same person. So please, once you have registered, be careful not to register again with a different name. If you find you are registered with more than one name, please delete the registrations with names you don’t want to use, and replace them using the name you do want.

If you have any problems, or find errors, please contact me at richard@rhspencer.ca.

Richard Spencer