Australian Sunrise @ Jericho Next Monday

The Jericho Sailing Centre will be coast to coast, in the land where sailing 2016-07-14-04matters
the most, next Monday. “Sunrise” the number 1 Australian breakfast television program will be featuring 
Vancouver with LIVE broadcasts from the Jericho Sailing Centre on Monday, July 18 from 1300-1600H. The Sunrise Weather team travels the globe in search of unique and spectacular locations
to showcase within the show.

We’re inviting available members to be out on the water next Monday between 1300-1600H to help highlight our, awe inspiring, Aus inspiring, unique and spectacular location.

You can view the Sunrise website here:
Sunrise – Key Stats: Average weekly viewers: 3.9 million
Website unique visitors: 1.1 million+ per month
Website page impressions: 3.3 million+ per month
Facebook followers: 1 million +
Equivalent advertising value 30 second spot: AU$16,000