Volunteer for the Waterways Liveaboard Homeless Survey

On Wednesday, March 8, The Metro Vancouver Homeless Count* will take a snapshot of homelessness throughout our region. For the first time, this year’s count will assess homeless individuals who may be living aboard vessels, ‘Liveaboard homelessness’.

Teams of volunteers in marked powerboats will travel the waterways of our regions to search out, meet and interview ‘Liveaboards’ and complete a survey questionnaire.

If you would like to volunteer for the Waterways Survey, you must be:

  • 19 years of age or older
  • available Wednesday, March 8 for a four-hour shift
  • can attend a 2-hour evening training session in mid-February
  • have excellent on-water experience
  • are comfortable traveling in small open powerboats, wearing a survival suit

    or own a drysuit and non-inflatable PFD

  • can handle early Spring weather and water conditions
  • are up to the challenge of searching out, meeting and interviewing the Liveaboard population

To become a volunteer or to receive more information, please contact the 2017 Homeless Count Waterways Survey Coordinator, Eric Schwartz at C.604.724.7589 or by email at schwartz.eric.lewis@gmail.com

*The Metro Vancouver Homeless Count provides critical information on our region’s homeless population. Service providers, planners, community groups, health authorities, municipalities, and funders use information from the Homeless Counts to assist in policy development, planning, and prioritizing programs and services to address the needs of people who are homeless.