Beware the Lions of the Sea

During last year’s annual Jericho Iron Classic outrigger race a sea lion presided over all of the canoes rounding the turn at the Q62 bell bouy just NW of Point Grey. When Jericho Rescue arrived in advance of the first racers, the sea lion was in the water circling the bell bouy and our crew was surprised at how quickly and easily he was able to pull his blubbery girth onto the navigational marker as seen in this photo. He was keenly & defensively interested in each of the 20 boats as they approached and rounded the bouy, leaving no doubt that this was his territory and he was prepared to defend it if necessary. It wasn’t necessary, he was just an additional, well appreciated element of nature in an already exciting race of naturally powered craft; but of course it never occurred to any of the participants to feed him or challenge him for his lofty sea throne position.
Sea Lions are frequently seen off Point Atkinson and Point Grey and are best observed from a safe distance. They are powerful, wild and potentially ferocious animals and must, like all of nature, be