Park Board Unanimously Approves Pier Concept

The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation unanimously approved the concept design of the Jericho Pier Renewal Project at their November 6 meeting. The new pier design includes a deck which is 2.5M higher than the current one (roughly equal to the elevated section at the top of the gangway) to contend with anticipated sea rise over the 75 year expected lifespan of the structure.

The new pier and upland features are expected to cost $16 million. The Park Board is budgeting $8 million toward it and will be asking the Federal and Provincial governments to contribute. The Disabled Sailing Association will be doing a major fundraising campaign which we will be encouraging users of the Jericho Sailing Centre to contribute to. Please consider this when planning your 2017 year end donations. More info on this in the December “in the wind“.

For more info. on the Jericho Pier Renewal Project surge over to Jericho Pier