Hawaiian Canoe Blessing Ceremony Blessed by Pineapple

The Pineapple Express is the name given to the atmospheric river that transports buildups of moisture from the tropical Pacific, around Hawaii, and delivers it as precipitation to Vancouver during our winters. Every once in a while “Pineapples” encounter much colder Arctic outbreak air over our coast resulting in snow from the mountains all the way down to the shoreline.

Such was the case overnight into the morning of Sunday, February 18 when the Jericho Paddling Club hosted a traditional Hawaiian Wa’a ceremony to bless their new ultralight canoe – Makani. They were honored by the presence of Paul Pam Aio, Bo Chun Fook and Brenda Zoller Chun Fook, Hawaiian paddlers who conducted the ceremony. To the best of our knowledge this was the first time such a ceremony was conducted in Canada-appropriate of course, because Vancouver is the Hawaii of Canada- and likely the first time such a ceremony was conducted on snow.  No doubt the unique Vancouver Wa’a blessing conditions and her flashy pineapple colour will help propel Jericho Paddling Club’s Makani crews to racing success well into the future.

The Wa’a Ceremony complete, the crew put Makani back in her boathouse. Thanks to Jan Chavarie (lead hand in the pineapple jacket) for this week’s cover photo.