THIS SATURDAY : Jericho Sailing Centre Open House & SOS Sailpast

Jericho Sailing Centre 

Saturday May 12 Noon-1600H
The annual Jericho Sailing Centre OPEN HOUSE

is on Saturday, May 12 from Noon-1600H. Bring your landlubber friends, co-workers, neighbours and relatives down to the Centre on that day to check out all of the ocean access opportunities available to them. Our schools, clubs and fleets will be on hand with sign-up information and displays, the Jericho Rescue Team will be doing rescue demonstrations, there will be plenty of activity on the water and guests will receive member discounts on purchases in the Galley Patio & Grill. 

Jericho Sailing Centre – SOS – Season Opening Sailpast Saturday May 12 1300H  

A centuries old sailing tradition, the “Sailpast” originated when ships amassed prior to naval conflict and sailed past the Admiral’s vessel to salute him/her, pledging their allegiance and hoping to pass inspection. Despite a happy lack of recent naval conflict, the world wide boating tradition continues to this day, supported by the superstitious, mariner notion that good luck and good weather accompanies all vessels and crew who participate.

The Jericho Sailing Centre Season Opening Sailpast (SOS) is important to you, good member, to ensure that all of your ocean excursions this 2018 season are blessed with favourable weather.

At Jericho, we consider the word “Sailing” to be the verb, meaning “travel over water” which is inclusive of all small, naturally powered, craft native to this shore. All Jericho Members and guests are invited to sail, paddle, windsurf, row, SUP, whatever you like to do here, past our flagship, the Albatross, to salute our Commodore and crew on Saturday, May 12 between 1300H and 1400H.

The SOS is also an important part of the Jericho Boat Show OPEN HOUSE as it gives our visiting landlubber friends an opportunity to see the Jericho Sailing Centre in action – rain or shine please come out and share your Jericho spirit.