UBC REC Day of the Long Boat This Weekend-The BIG event-September 29 & 30

Three thousand years ago the original human

inhabitants of this area flexed their paddles and launched their canoes from this pre-Vancouver, pre-Pacific, shoreline into the Salish Sea. It was a cornerstone of their culture. This weekend a record 4,000 participants will get their coming of age, in the 2018 UBC REC “Day of the Longboat” -as the millenniums old Salish/Vancouver-ish tradition continues.

The Jericho Sailing Centre, Vancouver’s Ocean Community Centre, has hosted the UBC “Day of the Longboat” for more than thirty years and we welcome everyone to come view this spectator friendly, ocean playground, community event on September 29 & 30 (0800-1700H). You will witness an invigoratingly unique, very large, slightly loud, Salish Sea, celebration of the paddle; our soul connection to Vancouver’s most ancient community. Your ocean spirit, will be lifted.


To get a taste of what Day of the Longboat is


all about check out this video produced by UBC REC of the 2014 Day of the Longboat  

We have a few more boats than usual stuffed into our compound between now and the end of the weekend. If your craft has become less accessible due to temporary storage, please let the Jericho office know and we’ll be glad to help you out.