Day of the Longboat: Use Extreme Caution When Leaving or Approaching the Shoreline

The Day of the Longboat takes place on Saturday

A pair of Lasers safely depart shore between Longboat starts-this makes Elise very happy.

and Sunday 0800-1700H. The 8-boat heats will start from the Jericho Sailing Centre shore between ramps #2 & #3 every 5 minutes or so and return to the shore between ramps #1 & #2 after completing their 2 km round trip to and from Jerry’s Cove east of the Jericho Sailing Centre. It is important to pay close attention when launching and approaching the shore to ensure you don’t become an unfortunate part of the race. Members of the Jericho Rescue Team will be stationed on the shore and on the water to assist anyone launching a craft or returning to shore. Please heed their advice and be extra vigilant when transiting the area.