Jericho Volunteers Wanted: Vancouver Boat Show Feb. 6-10

The 2019 Vancouver International Boat Show provides opportunities to explore hundreds of boats, boating accessories, products and services from top boating exhibitors. For more information, paddle over to:


Jericho Sailing Centre Booth – Crew Call

We still have several openings for JSCA members to help crew the Jericho Sailing Centre Association’s display booth at the Vancouver International Boat Show February 6-10 in BC Place Stadium. Members who volunteer for a two hour “watch” will gain free admission to the show and the admiration of thousands of show going seafarers from all over. A great place to meet people and shoot the breeze about the Jericho Sailing Centre and all of the low cost ocean access opportunities we provide. The following berths are available; please email us if you’d like to sign on:

Wednesday, February 6:

1000-1200H; 1200-1400H; 1600-1800H.

Thursday, February 7:

1400-1600H; 1600-1800H; 1800-2000H

Friday, February 8:

1000-1200H; 1200-1400H; 1400-1600H; 1600-1800H; 1800-2000H

Saturday, February 9:

1000-1200H; 1200-1400H; 1400-1600H; 1600-1800H; 1800-2100H.

Sunday, February 10:

1000-1200H; 1200-1400H; 1400-1700H.

Jericho booth crew must enter BC Place Stadium through the Exhibitors Entrance on the east side to get their pass (picture ID required) on their scheduled day. It is suggested that crew members take public transit to the show as parking costs an arm and a leg and JSCA does not cover any expenses. If you must bring a car, Costco is just across the street and offers a reasonable rate.