The Ocean Cleanup project lands in Vancouver

For the last few days the Maersk Transporter has been anchored in English Bay near Second Beach. It’s been working with The Ocean Cleanup to prove a 16 year old boy’s idea for cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. A few days ago The Maersk Transporter landed in Vancouver to offload the first haul of plastic captured from the Pacific using this idea.

That boy Boyen Slat is now 25 years old and his idea has finally been proven to work. The plastic captured by the project will be used to make products whose proceeds will help fund the project. The system is still in a testing phase but the plan is to refine then scale up the entire operation.

For more information about the project visit The Ocean Cleanup on the web and it’s latest blog post regarding this first load of plastic.

If you’re on English Bay this week it might be worth while to paddle or reach down and check it out before it weighs anchor.