In The Wind: April 23, 2020

Jericho Sailing Centre Covid-19 Situation Report

The Jericho Sailing Centre remains closed while the City of Vancouver is in a State of Emergency to limit the spread of Covid-19. We are preparing plans to reopen the centre as soon as health authorities give us the green light by relaxing stay at home guidelines. We anticipate operating under strict Covid-19 protocols within the Centre when we do reopen.
We hope our best case scenario might have us resuming operations sometime in late May or June, salvaging a summer of much needed salt water therapy for the people of Vancouver. But we need to also prepare for the possibility that our worst case scenario sees us continuing as a base boat storage facility throughout the summer. Like everyone else, we just don’t know how this will go. Much depends on the success of our City’s Covid-19 virus mitigation efforts-short term pain (staying home) could mean long term gain (summer launches). 
We are hopeful that ‘The Galley’ will also be able to offer service this summer.We are waiting for guidance from the province, city and Vancouver Coastal Health to give us a proper template for food service.  We cannot predict when and how that will occur.
The JSCA Board has voted to extend the 2020 fees due date to May 31 to avoid having the annual boats out/boats in deadline traffic at a time when health authorities are asking people to stay in their neighbourhood. We are tentatively scheduling 2 weekends at the end of May (23/24 & 30/31 0900H-1700H) to facilitate boat removal for those who do not wish to renew and to allow new boats in. Covid-19 health guidelines will be closely adhered to.
The Jericho Sailing Centre Association, like many of the people we serve, has been adversely affected financially by the Covid-19 global pandemic crisis. As a not-for-profit community organization that receives no direct or regular funding from government, we are working very hard to manage our essential operating costs during these difficult days. We will still do our best, however, to work with individual members who simply can’t pay their 2020 fees, at this time, due to financial hardship resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.
For our members who are not so economically disadvantaged, we welcome your donations to help the Jericho Sailing Centre weather the storm. It has been the good will and financial support of a strong membership base that has allowed us to build our Society over the last 46 years. We ask you to do your very best to help sustain our operations during this difficult time. That can be as simple as providing your membership and storage fees according to our regular payment schedule. Or perhaps offering an extra cash contribution.
(photo by Nedim Alca)

Donate to Jericho

The positive health and spiritual attributes that ocean recreation provides the people of Vancouver through the Jericho Sailing Centre have never been more needed. There will be no better cure to our collective Covid-19 hangover than a good strong dose of vitamin Sea. We look forward to bringing that to you as soon as we are able to; stay safe.

Tuesday Nite Racing Online – Wind Guaranteed!

Yes Jericho Sailors, you’ll be able to go racing on Tuesday nights – but stay dry and isolated because we’re going to be using Virtual Regatta organised by the Tasar fleet.We’ll do 4 races in about an hour, starting at 7:30pm. Spring Series starts on 28th April. And unlike regular Jericho racing, you can keep your beer in hand all the way round!Click through for more information on the JSCA ‘blog:

Jericho Beach Kayak Centre Online

Jericho Beach Kayak is offering two great online courses to get folks ready for their trips once the Covid-19 situation improves.
VHF course: You can get your VHF license through their online course. A VHF radio is one of the most useful tools and pieces of safety equipment while being on the water. The course will consist of an online seminar followed by 1:1 online meetings for the test.
Trip Planning Course: This Course Series runs over 4 evenings and we will cover everything you need to know to successfully plan your next kayaking trip! This course is for beginners and experienced kayakers and boaters alike. We will start at the very beginning and take you through each topic so you can comfortably “geek out” about just about everything at the end. We will talk about Charts & Navigation, Tides & Currents, Marine Weather, Picking a suitable location, What to bring and how to pack and of course Risk Assessment.

MacSailing Online

MacSailing is currently taking early registrations from people who would like to be on one of our class lists for later this summer. If the centre opens and MacSailing is able to run a class, people on the list will be contacted right away. You can register via a webform on our website. MacSailing is offering PCOC tutorials and tests virtually. Please email us at if you are interested in obtaining your PCOC card. For your children or grandchildren; MacSailing is partnering with UBC Summer Camps to offer a virtual introduction to sailing via their ‘Play & Learn at Home’ program. The first session will be May 7th at 3:30 pm.  Program description; Let MacSailing take you on a sailing journey from your very own home! Visit Jericho beach through live view video and learn about the parts of the sailboat. Get ready to head into the water by learning about wetsuits, life jackets and how to rig and launch a boat! Participants will also get to practice their knots, so they are set to sail the high seas. 
MacSailing is selling some of its fleets. Pirates complete with sails $400 each or 2 for $500 and Laser IIs $600 each.