2020 Board of Directors Candidates & Results


SEVEN full term (two year) J.S.C.A. Board of Directors positions are available. The candidate with the eighth most votes at the election will fill the remaining year in the term of a board member who resigned. TEN candidates were nominated as of the nomination-closing deadline.  The following candidates have put their names forward for election to the Jericho Sailing Centre Association Board of Directors:


I moved to Vancouver from UK 13 years ago and have been a JSCA member almost as long as I have lived in Canada, the environment has become one of my most frequent places to be. My connection is as a sailor with one of the affiliated clubs and I have become increasingly aware of the value and importance of preserving and protecting this space as a non-commercial, member funded and member run operation. I have served on our sailing club’s board for a total of 5 years in a variety of positions and also on the boards of an outdoor activities club in Vancouver plus a member run sports club in UK. I learned a lot about the basic principles of maintaining and organising the activities of these volunteer run organisations and am interested in sharing some of that experience by serving on the JSCA board. I nominate myself for membership on the board of directors in the hope of contributing to this amazing community that welcomes people from all walks of life and all of life’s circumstances adding such value to our community.


I would like to expand my involvement in the JSCA, working to develop and grow the organization.  I will work to strengthen our efforts to involve more youth and bolster our coaching and safety/rescue programs for all users.  I have decades of experience working in a team environment during my career in finance and marketing.  That experience will inform my efforts to understand the needs of and develop programs to serve both our sailing and paddling communities.  I also look forward to furthering the ongoing work to renew our great facility over time.  I have been a sailor almost all my life, racing keel boats, dinghies, windsurfers and catamarans, and I also enjoy time on the water in my kayak.  I have coached and played competitive soccer and understand the need for strong organizations to support successful recreation programs.  We are truly fortunate to have access to such a fabulous multi-use facility in such a stunning location.  What makes it truly special though is what the staff and volunteers bring to the Jericho community. I ask for your support to be a part of that team.  Thank you

HUNT, Brian  

I have been an active member of the JSCA since 2000 and a member of the JSCA Board of Directors for the past eleven years. During my eleven years on the Board, I have served as Chair of the Programs Committee and four years as Treasurer. I feel I have contributed to the Sailing Centre in a meaningful way and would like to continue giving back to the Centre by running again for another two-year term.

When not at Jericho, I work as a Wealth Advisor and Portfolio Manager at BMO Nesbitt Burns, where I help individuals, families, non-profit organizations and corporations to budget and manage their money. I am currently responsible for managing over $400 million in client assets.

From 1984 to 1995 I was a Clearance Diver in the Canadian Navy serving on various ships in the fleet as well as Fleet Diving Unit Atlantic (Halifax) and Fleet Diving Unit Pacific (Esquimalt).  As a navy diver, I am very familiar with the type of rescue craft that Jericho uses as well as the local Vancouver search and rescue resources.

From 2007-2010, I was the Commodore of Hobie Fleet 214 here in Vancouver. As Commodore of the Hobie Fleet I worked with other clubs in the JSCA such as UBC and Locarno to grow interest in sailing and racing. I am currently Vice President and the Western Canada Representative for the Canadian F18 Sailing Association.

As a sailor, I have been fortunate to represent Canada at three World Championships, three CataCups, numerous North American and National Championships. 

I have raced and sailed at Yacht Clubs and Sailing Centres all over the world and I can tell you that Jericho is a special place. The sailors in the Seattle area have been trying for years to replicate what we have here. I think my background is unique and I know the Board of Directors values my input on many matters. I love sailing, I love the water, and I want to see the JSCA grow into the future. I want to give back to the sailing centre that I call home.

In my current term at the Board I have been primarily involved with the Financial and Safety committees on top of my regular duties on the Board. I have focused on balancing the long term strategy and stability of the Center with the hardship and needs experienced by our constituent members, clubs, and partners in this troublesome period.  I have been an active member of the JSCA for the past 5 years. I am a volunteer with the Jericho Rescue Program; a member, instructor and Steering Committee member of the UBC Sailing Club; and former Disabled Sailing Association volunteer.

IRWIN, Steve

I have served two years on the Board of Jericho Sailing Centre Association (JSCA) and am currently the Chair of the Operations Committee.  I have enjoyed this role as well as being part of the Board, and am seeking a second term.  After joining the JSCA Board, I was selected by the City of Vancouver to be a member of the Jericho Lands Working Group, representing Jericho Sailing Centre Association, and I am especially committed to providing continuity and connection between Jericho Sailing Centre Association and the Jericho Lands Working Group.

I have lived in Kitsilano and been a member of JSCA since 1985.  Our family all enjoys sailing and kayaking; Jericho is very much part of our community year round.  Since 2016 I have been an active member of the volunteer Jericho Rescue Group. I enjoy contributing to the JSCA community, and being part of the Jericho team. My son took sailing lessons at MacSailing and was also a member of the race team; now he is 19 and has volunteered and worked at MacSailing for the past five years.  This summer, he joined the Jericho Rescue Team so we could be a COVID “bubble”.  My wife has volunteered this summer as a Gate Ambassador.  I also have a disabled brother who has overcome significant anxiety about sailing and now enthusiastically enjoys the experience getting out in a boat with the Disabled Sailing Association. 


I am excited to run as a candidate for the JSCA Board of Directors. I joined the JSCA community in 1998 to learn to sail and quickly became an active member. For the first three years, I served on the executive of UBC Sailing Club, where I remain a member. This past season, it was my pleasure to volunteer for contact tracing at the JSCA gate to ensure the community could continue to enjoy ocean access. Now I would like to continue serving JSCA members in a different capacity on the Board. I love nature and spending time outdoors, especially on the water, whether sailing, paddling, kayaking, or windsurfing; sailing remains my passion, which I also love sharing with family and friends. With a growing family, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Mac Sailing, where my 12-year old is actively involved. Caring for and enjoying our natural environment has been a constant in my life and is reflected in my volunteer and professional experience. I volunteered in the early days of Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST) with initiatives like Bike to Work Week. When not on the water, I conduct research as the founder and principal of a start-up environmental company focused on applied research for innovative solutions. Over my two decades at JSCA, the relationships with other members that have taken root, as well as the understanding I have developed of the various roles and operations of JSCA, put me in a position to give back to this wonderful community. I love the diversity of people in the JSCA community and I would advocate for maintaining and strengthening this spirit of inclusion and diversity.


It has been a real privilege to help support the incredible work of Jericho management, staff, Board and volunteers during this especially difficult time of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We were required to evaluate and prepare for a wide range of different operational and financial scenarios, these last 6 months.  Thankfully, and to the credit of the entire team, both the JSCA Society and its many partners were able to deliver another busy season of safe, ocean recreation while meeting a regimented set of C-19 regulations, guidelines, and protocols.  In the last 12 months, we also submitted our “Setting Course for 2035” Development Plan to the Vancouver Board and Parks Recreation for their long-term consideration.  And we launched a new, well-received JSCA website. It’s equally clear, however, that we have a good deal of cautionary planning ahead of us.  Covid-19 will have a direct impact on our operations and financial model heading into 2021.  While we are optimistic about the next two years, we will be required to conduct some “special planning” exercises to ensure we’ve considered all the risks, and have prepared for the many circumstances we could face.  I would very much like to continue my role as a Director to help shepherd the Society through these trickier times.  I’m also keen to determine where we can continue some of our long-term projects:

•           The “Setting Course for 2035” Development Plan

•           Facilitation of a 10+ year forward-looking JSCA Finance & Funding Review

•           Design review of the Jericho Pier renovation – DSA and Jericho Rescue

Should the members-at-large elect me to do so, I would like to continue to assist where I can in pursuing these efforts.  For reference, my career involvement with JSCA includes:

•           Board Member, Jericho Sailing Centre Association (2006-2020)

•           President, Jericho Sailing Centre Association (2010-2020)

•           Vice President, Jericho Sailing Centre Association (2009-2010)

•           Committee Member – various: Planning, F&B, Fund-Raising (2006-2020)

•           Volunteer, Jericho Sailing Centre Race/Rescue Committee (2005-09, 2012-20)

•           Volunteer, Mac sailing (2005-2020)

•           Former Executive Member, UBC sailing Club (1995-1997)


I hereby present myself as a candidate for the JSCA Board of Directors.

Prior relevant experience:

1) 35 year career at UBC as Professor of atmospheric science, and in various administrative positions (Associate Dean in Faculty of Graduate Studies; Principal of College for Interdisciplinary Studies; Program Director in: Science One program, Atmospheric Science Program, Environmental Sciences Program.).

2) Academic specialty in Atmospheric Science (Air Quality, Climate Change, Local Meteorology, Sea Level Rise).

3) Member of International, National, Provincial and City Advisory Committees, Task Forces, and Review Panels.

4) Director of Publications for Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographical Society.

5) Active academic publishing career over 50 years: 100 peer reviewed research articles, one sole authored book, five edited books, many conference papers.

6) 30 year history of volunteer experience for Ronald McDonald House; Granville Island Host.

7) Active dinghy sailor since 1958.

8) Boat builder in wood and fibreglass.

9) Experience in general construction, and building maintenance.

JSCA relevant experience:

1) Intermittently active as a member of JSCA since 1978. Very active since 2016.

2) JSCA Board of Directors 2018-2020. Member of Safety Committee.

3) Volunteer on JSC Rescue Team since 2017. Level IV.

4) Volunteer JSC Gate Ambassador during COVID-19.

5) Volunteer instructor/accompanist at DSA. Inactive in 2020 due to COVID-19.

6) Owner of two sail boats in storage at JSC.

General Ambitions for JSC.

I believe JSC is one of the gems of Vancouver life, and will work to ensure the vibrancy and effective functioning of JSC. I have particular expertise in climate change and the associated sea level rise that will become increasingly important challenges to JSC in future. I would appreciate and opportunity to serve JSCA in this time of interesting opportunity, challenge and transition.


My first exposure to the JSCA was via my son’s sailing and kayaking experiences while he was in daycare over 15 years ago. At the time, I knew nothing of sailing, but he convinced me to take the MacSailing lessons and eventually that led to our purchase of a NACRA F18 catamaran from another Jericho Member. Since then my family have continued to enjoy the many Jericho facilities including dining out at the Jericho Cafe.  I am a member of Jericho Rescue (Covid-19 ‘team Stonefield’, with Colin – my son) and have been on the Jericho Board for 4 years (3 years as Board Treasurer, and am on the Safety and Planning committees).  Professionally, I have had experience working with Boards of Directors including not-for-profits and have a background in operations and financial management. I believe the JSCA is an incredible resource for Vancouverites that want to experience ocean water sports, and I would love to have the opportunity to continue supporting the JSCA community as a Board member for another 2 year term.


I have been an active member of Jericho since 1998; I agree with the opinion of many that JSA is the best organized and run public facility of its kind in the world.  As we are located in the heart of a rapidly growing and changing city I think a special effort is required to maintain our place in the community. I am interesting in serving JSA as I have a sincere concern for its long term success and place in our community. I started sailing at age 5 in Nova Scotia where I grew up, our family boat was a 1960 wooden Wayfarer dinghy and my early days on the water started a lifelong interest in sailing. In 1998 I acquired a neglected former Locarno Sailing Club CL-16 (one of the original vessels at JSA), restored it and sailed it most summer weekends for 20 years.  For the past 2 years I have kept a Vandestadt and McGruer 17 at JSA; weighing 320kg it is a challenge to launch and retrieve and I find I am sailing less often. I am currently looking for a smaller vessel to keep at JSA long term and will lead to spending more days on the water. I have 2 kids age 11 and 8 who often join me as crew, I may return to my Wayfarer sailing roots if I can find the right vessel. I also have experience with sailing Lasers, Flying Juniors and windsurfers. I have some offshore experience having sailed a Willard 30 from Ontario to New Brunswick through the St Lawrence and around the Gaspe. 

I may have skills applicable to a board member position. I am particularly interested in the upkeep and management of the yard, launch ramps and keeping JSA accessible to everyone.


In my current term on the JSCA Board I have been primarily involved with the Financial and Safety committees on top of my regular duties on the Board. I have focused on balancing the long term strategy and stability of the Centre with the hardship and needs experienced by our constituent members, clubs, and partners in this troublesome period.  I have been an active member of the JSCA for the past 5 years. I am a volunteer with the Jericho Rescue Program; a member, instructor and Steering Committee member of the UBC Sailing Club; and former Disabled Sailing Association volunteer.

Election Results for JSCA 2020 Board of Directors Election

Started at: October 20, 2020 at 9:00am
Finished at: October 27, 2020 at 7:30pm
Time zone: Pacific Time (US & Canada)

208 of 2304 ballots cast.

Candidate Directors

Two year terms:
Lynne Beszant
Brian Hunt
Steve Irwin
Parisa Jourabchi
Chris Stairs
Mike Stonefield
Mauricio Valdivieso

One year term:
Douw Steyn

Not elected:
Kevin French
Darren Sutherland

Votes tallied: 1218