In the wind: October 6, 2022

Endless Summer Keeps Sailing On!

Vancouver’s unseasonably pleasant Autumn weather is more than making up for that shivering soggy launch of summer 2022 way back in June. After a spring that was cooler and wetter than usual, Autumn is coming through, extending summer activities for many of the users of the Jericho Sailing Centre. While the air is sunny and warm, the water is now October cold and all users should dress appropriately for potential cold water immersion.

Backpaddling: 2022 UBC REC Day of the Longboat

Photo: Dominique Labrosse

Last weekend 3,550 spirited paddlers raced 10 person Voyageur canoes around a 2km course on English Bay in the 2022 UBC REC Day of the Longboat event. While Vancouver’s mountains and downtown canyons were fringed with forest fire smoke a light breeze kept the playground in front of the Jericho Sailing Centre blue sky clear and the event was blessed with unseasonably warm and sunny weather. Many thanks to all of the Jericho Rescue Team and other JSCA volunteers as well as the incredible crew from UBC REC who came together to conduct a unique paddling event on Vancouver’s largest playing field.

Photo: Sea Otter

Jericho Sailing Centre Association

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, October 25, 2022 at 1900H

The Jericho Sailing Centre Association’s 49th Annual General Meeting will be held Tuesday, October 25, 2022 at 1900H. The 2021/2022 J.S.C.A. Board and Committees will report on their accomplishments this past year and the challenges for the future. Please plan to attend and participate in the future direction of your ocean access community centre. This year’s meeting will be held in person in the English Bay Room of the Jericho Sailing Centre. Members will have the option to participate online. A link will be included with the voting and AGM meeting package sent out to all members the week of October 18.

Call for Nominations

Voting will take place to elect seven members for a two-year term to our 15 member Board of Directors. The J.S.C.A. Board meets regularly to set policy and determine Jericho’s direction. Interested members who have time and expertise to offer are invited to submit a letter indicating their experience and areas of interest to the J.S.C.A. Nominations Committee c/o the Jericho office no later than 1700H, Tuesday, October 11.  The nomination letter must include your name, address and telephone number.  For additional information contact Mike Cotter, J.S.C.A. General Manager 604-224-4177 or email

Blazing Paddles!

Canadian Outrigger Racing Association Time Trials Samoa Qualifier @ Jericho October 15

Receding Daylight

Don’t get caught out like David did here. Be aware of daylight hours and always carry a paddle.
Photo: Andrei Bredin.

As time sails further away from the 2022 Summer Solstice evenings are becoming shorter by a couple of minutes each day: tonight’s sunset is at 1841H. During fair weather the wind frequently shuts off abruptly within an hour of sunset. A good rule of thumb if you are in a wind fueled craft is: never sail further from Jericho within that hour than you are prepared to paddle back.

Additionally JSCA office hours are also shifting with the sunset. This week the office will be closing at 1830H.

Penguin Cup Race Series

Rod & Maya tuning up for the F18 Worlds in Florida. Photo: Jim Davie.

Penguin Cup racing dates: October 9,16 & 23

First Signal at 1230H

Register at

Racing Awards and Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Photo: Jim Davie

All members are invited to attend the annual JSCA Racing Awards and Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on Sunday, October 23 at 1700H. Tickets are $15 and available in the JSCA office up until Saturday, October 22. There will be a slideshow presentation and awards bestowed upon our notable racers and volunteers. As our way of showing appreciation for our volunteers, they receive complementary tickets. If you volunteered for the JSCA in 2022 and haven’t yet received your invitation by October 9 please contact the JSCA office.

Photo: Jim Davie

Smugmug’s Sea Otter Photo Gallery

Jericho Rescue’s Peter L. hauls in a keeper. Photo: Jim Davie.

Local photographer, Jim Davie, has been developing his sea legs on board our Jericho Rescue boats catching action on waves in the waters off the Jericho Sailing Centre. Check out his gallery of awesome photos taken over the past several weeks:

Photo: Jim Davie

SAFETY NOTICE: Colder Conditions Require Appropriate Attire

As we prepare to leave the summer of 2022 foundering in our wake, the air and water temperatures have become noticeably cooler and the wetsuit or thermally protective attire that may have been optional just a few weeks ago are now mandatory. Last week Jericho Rescue assisted a beginner windsurfer, no wetsuit, who was in the initial stage of hypothermia. This is not a risk people should be taking when launching from Jericho at this time of year. Play safe and dress for survival. 

Cold Water Recreation Requires More Knowledge and Experience

Here are some things Fall, Winter and Spring users of the Jericho Sailing Centre must know about cold water ocean recreation:

Appropriate Attire – Dress for Cold Water Immersion

The water temperature is well below the level where it is safe to recreate without a proper (no shorties) wetsuit or drysuit. People who get into serious trouble at this time of year have often made the mistake of dressing for the air temperature not the water temperature, which is fine until something goes wrong and they suddenly find themselves immersed in the water.

Use Your Head

Significant heat loss is through your head. Hypothermia is the most significant danger experienced ocean recreationalists face. Wear a neoprene cowling, a wool toque or other hat to help retain body heat.

Always Stay with Your Craft

When a sailing dinghy, windsurfer or kayak capsizes they are usually within a couple of swim strokes of their crew. Some craft, particularly SUP’s and surf skis, require a safety leash (in good condition and properly attached) as they can easily get away in a capsize situation. Never leave your craft in an emergency situation as it is far easier to spot than a person in the water.

Use the Buddy System

Always sail, paddle, row with someone else, especially in cold water conditions. Let a reliable friend or relative know when and where you are going and when you expect to return. Diligently contact them upon your safe return. If you are launching from Jericho Beach stop in at the JSCA office to let us know when and where you are going and when you expect to return.

Be Aware of Sunset

Recently, JSCA staff have witnessed people launching within a few minutes of sunset. This is a dangerous practice. If something goes wrong for you: equipment failure; changing conditions; fatigue, etc., you are very difficult to find in the dark. Make sure your safety float plan includes plenty of time to get off of the water before sunset.

For more information, shiver over to this cold water education site:

English Bay Safety Seminar

Don’t end up in the Jericho Rescue log. Learn from other’s mistakes by taking in the information in our English Bay Safety Seminar. Photo: Jim Davie.

The English Bay Safety Seminar was developed for users of the Jericho Sailing Centre to help keep them safe at play while on the waters of English Bay. The seminar covers basic water safety fundamentals along with user specific information drawn from the logs of the Jericho Rescue Team who have intervened in thousands of “sea disasters” over the past 45+ years.

Why make your own mistakes when you can learn from the mistakes of others? Don’t challenge Darwin’s theory, make sure your water safety knowledge is the fittest it can be. Your survival may well depend upon it. Find the missing links and fill in the gaps in your water safety knowledge

Sail the Slideshow on our Website

There be Dragons here!: Find out where not to go in Vancouver Harbour

Jericho Sailing Centre Autumn School Info

Jericho Beach Kayak

Jericho Beach Kayak continues paddling throughout the winter. Join their weekly winter paddles on Saturdays from 10am-12pm. Pre-registration is required:

They also remain open through the winter for private bookings (whether it’s for groups or individuals): 

If you want to take the colder months to prepare for the next season consider getting your VHF radio license or take their Online Trip Planning Series.

The Galley Patio and Grill

The Jericho Galley Patio and Grill is open 1100H-1730H on weekends only, weather permitting, through to the end of October.

Jericho Sailing Centre Current Covid-19 Safety Protocols

The Jericho Sailing Centre Association is committed to fighting the spread of Covid-19.

Covid Hasn’t Left Us – If you are feeling sick please stay home!

On the Water-Safety is Your Responsibility

On the ocean there are elements of risk that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce. Regardless of how you decide to use the ocean always show courtesy to others. Please adhere to the code listed below and share with others the responsibility for a safe ocean experience.
It is every member’s responsibility to know and observe the rules of the road when on or near the water. Here are some key rules which every Jericho member must know and practice.


  1. Always wear your P.F.D. on the water. PFD’s MUST be properly fitted.
  2. Sail powered craft have the right of way over power craft, paddle and rowing powered craft.
  3. All non-commercial vessels shall keep well clear of commercial vessels.
  4. It is illegal and extremely dangerous to pass between a tug and it’s tow.
  5. A port tack sailing vessel shall keep clear of a starboard tack vessel.
  6. A windward vessel shall keep clear of a leeward vessel.
  7. A vessel clear astern shall keep clear of a vessel ahead.
  8. Any vessel overtaking another shall keep clear.
  9. A vessel tacking or gybing shall keep clear of a vessel on a tack.
  10. The area south of the orange can buoys is for training or transiting only.
  11. Swimming or wading on the beach in front of the Centre is prohibited and is particularly dangerous for small children.
  12. It is unsafe to loiter or let children play near the bottom of launching ramps.
  13. Stay well clear of the end of the Jericho Pier as fishers cast lines as far as possible
  14. Be cautious of pathway traffic when launching/retrieving
  15. Do not leave your craft on the shoreline for extended periods of time
  16. Stay at least 300M clear of ships at anchor in Vancouver Harbour.
    Common sense goes a long way toward maintaining a safe environment. Membership in the Jericho Sailing Centre Association is contingent on members knowing and observing the Safe Ocean Sailing rules.

For more water safety info., tread water over to: English Bay Safety