Jericho Sailing Centre Association 2020 Vision


Jericho Sailing Centre Association

2020 Vision

A five year Strategic Plan supporting JSCA’s Mission Statement:

To manage and develop facilities for sailboats and other non-motor-powered craft, and related activities in the Metro Vancouver area.

The JSCA is constitutionally mandated to support and promote the use of non-motor-powered craft, by providing and facilitating programs to encourage the safe and knowledgeable use of these naturally powered vessels.

Our objectives within the next five years are:

  1. To serve the needs of all users of the Jericho Sailing Centre.

.1 Provide facilities, services and programs for recreational access to English Bay and Burrard Inlet.

.2 Encourage user participation in the development and management of the Jericho Sailing Centre facility.

.3 Communicate effectively to users about JSCA activities.

.4 Monitor the needs of all users.

  1. To be a Good Neighbour within our Community.

.1 Continually maintain, upgrade and improve our facility to provide a positive and welcoming aesthetic to the public.

.2 Provide opportunities for boating activities for the General Public.

.3 Provide washrooms and food service to the General Public

.4 To offer our facilities and services to outside organizations for educational and recreational activities.

.5 Be aware of and participate in the planning and development of our surrounding neighbourhood.

.6 Promote environmentally friendly policies.

.7 Be an active participant in “Vancouver 2020 A Bright Green Future” an action plan for becoming the world’s greenest city by 2020.`

.8 Provide and improve access to the premises by physically challenged persons.

  1. To accommodate and encourage a wide variety of Clubs offering Ocean Access Opportunities.

.1 Provide secure storage space for boats and equipment.

.2 Provide multi-purpose rooms for club activities.

.3 Provide clubrooms for a variety of clubs and to communicate their activities to users and the General Public.

.4 Provide a maintenance workshop for boat and equipment repair.

  1. To provide access to a wide variety of Water Activities and Social Activities.

.1 Provide instruction and education about boating through school and club training programs.

.2 Accommodate a wide variety of naturally powered craft and activities.

.3 Interact with the community and other organizations to provide open houses, seminars, and other events to raise the public profile of naturally powered craft and the availability of the Jericho facility.

.4 Participate in the development and functioning of The Vancouver Sport Strategy.

  1. To provide Ocean Awareness Training & Rescue Programs.

.1 Disseminate Water Safety Information to Jericho Sailing Centre users and the General Public.

.2 Deliver Water Safety, Seamanship, and Boat Maintenance training programs.

.3 Support and improve the Jericho Rescue Team in its efforts to protect Jericho users on the water.

.4 Support the Jericho Rescue Team in its widely accepted role as a periodic “vessel of opportunity”, in marine emergency situations and in its interactions with other local area First Responder & Safety organizations.

  1. To encourage an active Racing Program.

.1 Attract and host International Events.

.2 Develop, facilitate and promote new and existing racing programs.

.3 Encourage participation in racing, race management seminars and training programs.

.4 Encourage Junior Racing programs.

  1. To operate JSCA in a financially responsible way.

.1 Use sound budgeting and financial planning procedures to prepare annual balanced budgets.

.2 Develop and encourage the year round use of the JSCA facility for educational and social use.

.3 Investigate and research economic opportunities to increase the services that Jericho provides.

  1. To facilitate Vancouver citizen enjoyment of boating opportunities beyond English Bay

.1 Encourage and facilitate organized excursions.

.2 Develop relationships with similar organizations in other locations to share information about activities, opportunities and shared interests.

.3 Encourage Jericho Sailing Centre users to participate in events and activities beyond English Bay.


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