Meet the Staff


Mike Cotter General Manager
Mike Cotter has had the sea in his blood all his life and has been JSCA’s General Manager since 1988. Mike enjoys windsurfing, sailing his International 470 and paddling his canoe.
Andrei Bredin Assistant General Manager
Andrei has been an active member of the JSCA since 1990. He has volunteered his time with the Rescue Team and served on the Board of Directors and Safety Committee before becoming the Assistant General Manager in 2010.
Josh Grigg Maintenance Manager & Rescue
IMG_0330Josh coordinates maintenance and construction projects around the sailing center as well as keeping the water safe.
Colin Administrative Assistant
If it passes through the office, Colin will likely see it: memberships, payments, event bookings etc. When he’s not manning the desk he can often be found paddling on the water or volunteering for the Rescue Team.
Ashley Maintenance & Rescue Consultant
2072_47810523998_9951_nAshley is a Rescue Team member and an avid Tornado sailor. When he isn’t imparting his wisdom on the staff he is kept busy maintaining the center and patrolling the water.
William Yakyak Custodial & Landscape Technician
William is our Custodial and Landscape technician. Apart from custodial work, William can regularly be found keeping our center efficient and accessible for our members.
Dominique Labrosse Safety & Events Manager
Dominique is responsible for running all the on-water events and the rescue team at JSCA. He’s a lifelong sailor and Jericho fan who’s sailed everything from optis and windsurfers to keel boats.

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