Room Rentals

Room rentals are now being considered on a limited basis.
Relax and enjoy the beach-side ambiance while our caterer, Jericho Foods, creates meals ranging from a casual barbecue to a gourmet buffet. Whatever the occasion, from a reception to a business meeting, the Jericho Sailing Centre is a unique and memorable site. All of our main rooms open onto the deck, enabling any group using the Centre to drink in the breathtaking sights – the best view of Vancouver in Vancouver.
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See below for room rental rates.

Burrard Banquet Room [ = North West + North East Rooms]

Measurements: Length 48′ 9″ X Width 28′ 4″

North West Room

Measurements: Length 26′ 6″ X Width 28′ 4″

photo - View from NW and NE Rooms

View from NW and NE rooms

North East Room

Measurements: Length 22′ 3″ X Width 28′ 4″

South East Room

Measurements: Length 21′ 3″ X Width 18′ 4″

South West Room

Measurements: Length 18′  X Width 9′

FunctionRoomsCapacity Room Rate
(1st Year Member)
Room Rate
(2nd Year Member)
Social / Wedding
(rates are per day)
Burrard Banquet Room100$620$465
North West Room59$320$260
North East Room39$320$260

South East Room

South West Room
Meetings/Workshops/Memorial Services
(rates are per hour)
Burrard Banquet Room100$80$70
North West Room59$50$40
North East Room39$50$40

South East Room

South West Room

*All prices subject to tax.
There is a minimum charge of $50 for any room booking.
SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) & Re:Sound Music Licensing Company fees apply if copyright music is played during the event. Current rates are $31.31 without dancing and $62.64 with dancing, plus tax.

All renters must be current members of the Jericho Sailing Centre Association.  All rentals are subject to the approval of the General Manager. The Jericho Sailing Centre Association reserves the right to refuse a rental application.

Our restaurant and deck are open to the public. Come enjoy the best ocean side views around.

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