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JSCA Board Members 2020/2021
Nigel BallLynne BeszantPeter Curtain
Kevin FrenchBrian HuntSteve Irwin
Parisa JourabchiTony MartinDavid McLatchie
Gordon NewellBenoit SonrelChris Stairs
Bob StewartDouw SteynMike Stonefield

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Board Minutes

Below is a list of our board minutes.

Meeting MonthClick on Link to Download
December 2022
November 2022Download
October 2022Download
September 2022Download
August 2022Download
July 2022No Meeting Held
June 2022Download
May 2022Download
April 2022Download
March 2022Download
February 2022No Meeting Held
January 2022Download
December 2021Download
November 2021Download
October 2021Download
September 2021Download
August 2021Download
July 2021No Meeting Held
June 2021Download
May 2021Download
April 2021Download
March 2021Download
February 2021No Meeting Held
January 2021Download
December 2020Download
November 2020Download
October 2020 AGM PresentationDownload
October 2020Download
September 2020Download
August 2020Download
July 2020No Meeting Held
June 2020Download
May 2020Download
April 2020Download
March 2020Download
February 2020No Meeting Held
January 2020Download
December 2019Download
November 2019Download
October 2019Download
September 2019Download
August 2019Download
July 2019No Meeting Held
June 2019Download
May 2019Download
April 2019Download
March 2019Download
January 2019Download
December 2018Cancelled Due to Weather
November 2018Download
October 2018Download
September 2018Download
August 2018Download
June 2018Download
May 2018Download
April 2018Download
March 2018Download
January 2018Download
September 2017Download
August 2017Download
July 2017Download
June 2017Download
May 2017Download
April 2017Download
February 2017Download
January 2017
December 2016Download
November 2016Download
October 2016Download
September 2016Download
August 2016Download
July 2016Download
June 2016Download
May 2016Download
April 2016Download
March 2026Download
February 2016Download
January 2016Download

For archived board minutes from 2015 – 1980 please click here.