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Jericho Rescue Team 
Last year the 40 volunteer member Jericho Rescue Team assisted 240 people in distress and educated countless others with water safety information. 
Vancouver's Ocean Access Community Centre May 2012 
What is the Jericho Sailing Centre Association? 

Situated in Jericho Beach Park in the western part of Vancouver, BC, Jericho Sailing Centre is Vancouver's "ocean access community centre".  In 1969, Western Canada's largest military base was turned over to the City of Vancouver, which declared it park land and commenced a scheduled demolition of all the Department of National Defense buildings.

Keen dingy sailors who shared a vision for a low cost, non-taxpayer funded, public access community centre, formed the not for profit, Jericho Sailing Centre Association (JSCA) soon after.  In 1974, Jericho Sailing Centre Association was granted a licence by Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation to occupy 4.5 acres of waterfront land and the decrepit, condemned "DND Building 13", on the condition that the Association do the following;

  • Bring the building up to City building safety codes.
  • Ensure that  it remains as a low cost, public access       community centre
  • Take responsibility for any and all upkeep to property and building including necessary Capital Expenditures. 
JSCA Community Benefits

JSCA is unique in its history, mandate, and in the breadth and diversity of services and activities that it offers. Since its inception in 1974 we have been enriching the lives of increasing numbers of Metro Vancouver residents in the following ways;

JSCA's affordable membership fees have allowed and encouraged people from all walks of life to become involved in ocean recreation activities.

Jericho's volunteer-based rescue service has ensured the safety of tens of thousands of individuals, families, and school and community groups as they enjoy learning and recreation on English Bay.

A strong tradition of community and volunteer service is a central theme at Jericho, with club members, school groups, and individuals contributing their time to maintain craft and equipment, organise events, and run clinics, safety seminars and instructional programs.

JSCA facilitates and encourages youth to become physically active in water sports of all types, whether it be through regular instructional programs, summer camps, clubs, or individual or family recreation.

Despite the steady expansion of its user base, JSCA has placed strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and the heritage status of its building and facilities, in the process becoming a model for sustainable growth.

Jericho Today 
From an initial membership of 700 people in 1974, JSCA has grown into a sizeable association that today includes over 3,300 members ($90 annual membership). During this time we have seen a huge evolution in the type of small, naturally-powered watercraft that use Jericho Beach to access Vancouver's ocean playground. Last year JSCA introduced 9,000 members of the general public to safe, low-cost ocean recreation. Many of these individuals and families became aware of Jericho while attending or participating in our special events, taking various lessons or simply noticing Jericho Sailing Centre while taking a stroll along the beach.

Today's definition of "dinghies & small naturally-powered watercraft" that use our Jericho facility has evolved to include the following diverse list:

  • Ocean Kayaks
  • SUP (Stand Up Paddling) Boards
  • Surf Skis
  • Outrigger Canoes
  • Canoes
  • Ocean Rowing Craft
  • Windsurfers
  • Skim Boards
  • Sailing Dinghies -including: Lasers, Hobie Cats, Tasars, Tornados, Enterpriises, Vanguard 15s, Nacra 500s, Hobie Tigers, Aquavit, Moths, Nacra F18's, Sunfish, Walker Bay 10s, Pirates, 420s and Escapes.
  • Disabled-accessible Sail Boats- a fleet of 8 specially-equipped Martin 16 sail boats.


Special Events @ Jericho
In addition to our regular activities, JSCA also hosts 80 on-water event days each year, including:
  • Subaru Half Marathon Triathlon (500 participants)
  • MEC Paddlefest (1,500 participants)
  • Penguin Cup Racing Series
  • UBC Rec Day of the Long Boat (3,500 participants)
  • Celebration of Light Fireworks
  • Sea Cadet Navy League Regatta
  • Jericho Oceanman SUP (Stand Up Paddling) Regatta
  • Jericho Outrigger Classic (300 participants)
  • Canadian Laser Masters Regatta (new for 2012)
  • Tasars BC
  • Junior Racing
  • Jericho Classic Regatta
  • Sailing Regattas for people with disabilities


Jericho Demographics 
In 2011, Jericho Sailing Centre had over 250,000 launches and 20,000 participants partaking in a variety of sea and land activities through Vancouver's ocean access community centre.

The people that JSCA serves come from all over the Metro Vancouver area and from North Vancouver to Hope to Washington State. They come from all walks of life, range in age from 4 to 85 years, and participate because of JSCA's low cost ocean accessibility. From high schools, landlubber community centres, and other organizations, the public, including kids, teens, adults & disabled individuals, flock to Jericho Sailing Centre to get their first real taste of ocean adventure.   We are home to the largest windsurfing school in Canada, the largest Sea Scout troop in the world, high volume ocean kayaking and dinghy sailing schools, and a world-renowned experiential, rehabilitative and freedom-delivering disabled sailing program created and developed by Vancouver's former Mayor, Sam Sullivan. Our members come to us as landlubbers and we transform them into seafarers.


In addition to a diverse and vibrant ocean access community the Jericho Sailing Centre also welcomes over 100,000 visitors to the facility each year.



Youth Participation

The antidote to computers, video games, cell phones, texting and Facebook; recreation from the Jericho Sailing Centre combines a harmonious blend of human and natural power, utilizing century's old technology on Vancouver's largest, most distinctive playing field.


Last year more than 6,000 Vancouver kids enjoyed healthy, adventurous, back to nature, ocean recreation programs through the Jericho Sailing Centre. Programs for dinghy sailing start as young as 5 years old; a little older for windsurfing, skim boarding, stand-up paddling and kayaking. The Jericho Sailing Centre is home to the world's largest Sea Scout program, sea cadets, a rapidly growing youth sail racing program and an awe inspiring sailing program for kids with disabilities.


The JSCA and our affiliated groups partner with over 30 schools and community centres, as well as Big Brothers & Big Sisters to bring ocean oriented recreational programming to kids throughout the Metro Vancouver area.

Boat Launches & User Traffic

Jericho Sailing Centre and our volunteer "Jericho Rescue Team" monitor tens of thousands of individuals, families', school groups (comprised of ages 8-18 ), and community groups as they enjoy learning and recreating on English Bay from April through October. With a growing special event calendar, boat launches from Jericho Beach exceeding 250,000, and many other members of the public using Englishthe Jericho Rescue Team are often required to assist boaters in distress.  


*           In 2010 we recorded 200 mariner rescues and many more were assisted by instructing self -rescue techniques

           In 2011 we recorded 240 mariner rescues and many more were assisted by instructing self-rescue techniques
Facility & Designated Beach Access
Jericho Sailing Centre occupies 14,000 square feet within a 4.5 acre fenced and gated compound on the south shore of English Bay in Jericho Beach Park West adjacent to the Jericho Pier.
The small, naturally-powered craft designated sandy beachfront is now over 450 feet in length. It was just recently extended to include the new Jericho Beach area where the "Jericho Wharf" once stood. Jericho Sailing Centre maintains four (4) paved launch ramps into English Bay capable of handling trailer and crafts upwards of 25 feet in length..No recreational motor powered craft launches are permitted from Jericho Beach.  

Vancouver History - Jericho Beach Air Station

The Jericho Sailing Centre building was built during the Second World War as the Marine and Stores building for the Royal Canadian Air Force's Jericho Beach Air Station. The Jericho Beach Air Station was a flying boat facility that started in 1920, ten years before Vancounver's first airport.    

Current Challenges 
Jericho Sailing Centre is the largest non-profit, ocean access community centre in Canada. 

Usage levels continue to rise, but due to our mandate to keep membership fees affordable we face financial pressures owing to a number of essential expenditures exceeding $200,000.00 in 2012. These expenditures are necessary for the following reasons:

  • There continues to be strong, growing public demand for use of the Jericho Sailing Centre's programs, services and facilities.
  • JSCA is growing beyond our facility's physical capacity for storage of various craft including: canoes, sailboats, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, Hobie Cats and the 8 Martin 16 Sailboats belonging to the Disabled Sailing Association.
  • New boat storage, locker space and accessibility ramps for people with disabilities are required.
  • High usage of our facility (particularly showers and hot water) necessitates an alternative energy capital project to reduce heating costs.
  • Addition of more classroom space is required for our many lesson programs. This involves renovation work over our building's hangar area.
  • Due to the age of our building roof repairs, exterior window replacement & drywall repairs are urgently required.
  • The large volume of launches in 2011 (250,000) resulted in a 20% increase in rescues performed by JSCA's volunteer safety team (240 in 2011 versus 200 in 2010). Due to the high number of rescue patrol hours, a boat replacement is necessary in our rescue fleet.
  • Other necessary improvements to Jericho Sailing Centre's outdoor areas due to age and increased usage include winch upgrades, rebuilding of the east boat launch ramp and adding electrical wiring and water supply to the east section of the compound.

MENU OF NEEDS - Safety Vessels & Equipment

Jericho Rescue Team Program

The Jericho Rescue Team Program is a staff supported, volunteer rescue program operated by the Jericho Sailing Centre Association. It elevates the seamanship and safety skills of experienced dinghy sailors, windsurfers, paddlers and other users of naturally powered watercraft to enable them to assist others in distress on the water.


A primary focus of the program is providing recreational ocean safety education to users of the Jericho Sailing Centre and others who play on Vancouver's seascape.


Each year the Jericho Rescue Team rescues more than 200 people. We also provide several English Bay Safety Seminars annually to our members and the general public.


The Jericho Rescue Team is an operational partner of the Celebration of Light Marine Safety Group and works closely with the Canadian Coast Guard, Port Metro Vancouver, Vancouver Police Department Marine Squad, Vancouver Beach Lifeguards and others who have an interest in supporting public safety on the sea.


The Jericho Rescue Team is a volunteer service operated with limited resources. The program is entirely funded by the members of the JSCA; we receive no government assistance.


Requisite Equipment - Jericho Rescue Boat 

The Jericho Sailing Centre Association owns and operates (2) emergency utility craft outfitted for search and rescue operations including a 19ft Zodiac Hurricane rigid hull inflatable (150HP) and an 18FT aluminum work boat. Each year our volunteers work to ensure that our rescue boats are ship shape for use.   However, in spite of annual refits and best efforts to maintain our craft, heavily used rescue and auxiliary vessels require replacement.



Jericho Rescue II Replacement Fund-raising Goal:  $60,000  

Sustainability - Solar Heating 

The Jericho Sailing Centre Association is developing plans to utilize alternative energy sources to assist in the delivery of ocean recreation programs. Hot water heating for showers is a significant energy cost that can be reduced with a capital investment in solar heating.


Alternative Energy Fund-raising Goal: $50,000.



Building and Compound Upgrade & Renewal 

The Jericho Sailing Centre is almost 40 years old. Original water systems that were installed by volunteers require replacement and/or upgrade. Electrical services also require upgrade and expansion to the east end of the compound. Storage racks and compound parimeter fence require repairs and replacement.The historic building was built in 1940 as the Marine and Stores Building for the Jericho Beach Air Station and is constantly in need of attention. Recently the large 2 story hanger doors were partially refurbished for $20K. Much more work on the building and compound is required to maintain and enhance the facility.. 


Building & Compound Enhancement Fund-raising Goal: $90,000


Youth Ocean Programs Development

Vancouver's ocean access community centre offers programs in kayaking, windsurfing, stand-up paddling, skim boarding and dinghy sailing to kids from all across the city. Often program participants come from disadvantaged backgrounds and it is here that the JSCA excels in providing low cost (and in some cases free) opportunities for kids to enjoy Vancouver's most distinctive playground. Craft, equipment, skilled instructors and safety support all require a funding boost beyond JSCA's current resource structure.


Youth Ocean Programs Development Fund-raising Goal: $90,000


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